Dental Hybrid Manufacturing

Hybrid manufacturing is a combination of additive and subtractive technologies which enables the production of previously non-millable dental indications.

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Sino-Dental 2018 in Beijing

23rd China International Dental Exhibition & Scientific Conference

Sino-Dental 2ß18

About Sino-Dental
Sino-Dental has strived to introduce equipment and promote advanced technologies for over 20 years, providing a platform for national and international dental company professionals to do business and improve dental technology. It has played a positive role in promoting dental technology progress and enjoys an excellent reputation both in China and around the Asia Pacific region.

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LAB DAY Chicago
23.02. – 24.02.2019, Chicago / USA

Dental South China
03.03. – 06.03.2019, Guangzhou / China

IDS International Dental Show
12.03. – 16.03.2019, Cologne / Germany


4 months ago

FOLLOW-ME Technology Korea

8. Mill the denture by Doowon Arum #5x150 (1) Mill tooth pocket in the pink resin block. (Fig.1) (2) Pour tooth colored resin to the cavity.(Fig. 2) (3) Mill the whole denture (Fig. 3,4) (4) Remove connector (Fig. 5) ... See MoreSee Less

4 months ago

FOLLOW-ME Technology Korea

6. Calculate toolpath by #Hyperdent(Follow-Me Technology Group) *** Special Thanks to 송수범 (Su-Bum Song) FOLLOW-ME Technology Korea " I found the trick to nest 2 different meshes in same location in #Hyperdent. " <My denture milling strategy> First, mill the tooth pocket only in a pink resin block. Pour tooth colored PMMA resin to the hole. Finally mill the whole denture. <Procedure> (1) Nest Mesh 4 (for example, mesh file name is "c:/Mesh4.stl".) and select block. Do Not Move mesh anymore. Save. (Fig.1) (2) Exchange existing mesh files (for example, mesh 3 file is renamed to "c:/Mesh4.stl") (3) Reload project. Then you can find the change of meshes. (Fig.2,3) (4) Draw user define line around tooth pocket. (Fig.4) (5) Calculate toolpath (Fig.5) => Make 1st NC file (6) Restore original Mesh 4 file as opposed to procedure (2) (7) Reload project and check mesh to change. (Fig.7,8) (8) Draw user define lines on base bottom not to leave under cut. (Fig. 9) (9) Calculate toolpath => Make 2nd NC file ... See MoreSee Less

7 months ago

FOLLOW-ME Technology Korea

2018 KDTEX 전시회(2018.07.21~22) 를 성공적으로 마무리했습니다.
고객과의 소통하는 자리가 되었습니다
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2018 KDTEX 전시회(2018.07.21~22) 를 성공적으로 마무리했습니다.
고객과의 소통하는 자리가 되었습니다Image attachmentImage attachment
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